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Here lies The Djinn Trials short stories. Perhaps you've read through one of my novels and wish for more, or maybe you haven't taken the plunge yet. Each of these stories are designed to be read apart from the main series, but retain enough of the theme to add to the overall experience. More Trials will be added very soon. All stories are under 5,000 words (less than 10 MS Word pages).

Diary of an Astral Projector
A man wrongly accused of murder unexpectedly finds refuge in the Djinn life.
The Djinn Induction of Old Dirty Willie
The first few days of how Vlad the Impaler was rudely introduced into the Djinn lifestyle of the Rich and Infamous. (This was originally a chapter from Netherworld)
The modern narrative of one of histories greatest leaders, Ghenghis Khan, and his interaction with one of the New Gods. (Also originally a chapter from Netherworld)
The Djinn Ripper
The tale of how Old Dirty Willie discovered the Djinn gene, and how he earned the titles of The Leather Apron and Jack The Ripper.
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