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What you have here is a list populated by the people, abilities, and all the other random terms littered within the Djinn Universe. It is up to speed as of the latest entry, The Gods of Chaos: Purgatory. If you can't remember what or who something is, this list should be able to at least give you a hint.

People: The Old Gods

BEINGS/CREATURES (mana color, orange if uninitiated to Djinn world)


  • Jackie Boy (continuously shifting mana color): Main protagonist and Narrator. Spirits find him really attractive. Vlad demonstrates to him how it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

  • Freya (blue): Magi. Secondary protagonist. Blue hair and eyes. 211 years old. Learning to accept Machina way of life. Wants a Cthulhu stuffed animal for her next birthday.

  • Dilly Dally Deny (turquoise): Secondary protagonist. Mouth of a sailor. Bladder of a senior citizen. Hate’s it when Matthias invades his body and takes advantage of him.

  • Belial (Johnny, Tokoloshe) (Red): Main protagonist in Poacher Hunters. Ascended by Mephistopheles. Spent some time in Canada with Eris. Ugly mug is useful for Halloween.

  • Eris (Andrea) (red): Main protagonist in Poacher Hunters. Best friends are Suzy and Big Mamma. Canadian. Belial’s companion. Boasts an impressive stalker honing ability.

  • Rakaia: Newly introduced. Muslim from Yemen. Finds Djinn life incredibly enticing. Tendency to get stabby quite quickly.


  • Aether: Lord of Etherealm. Paired with Hemera. Assisted Jack, Freya, and Deny after Tesla Tubule incident in Indiana. Roundhouse kicked Gunther and Hogni into the Netherworld sunrise.

  • Chaos: Captive in Machina Prison. Became an enormous 1.21 gigawatt flux capacitor for Machina.

  • Erebus: Previous Netherworld Lord/God. The Dark One. Helped Hecate perform a skin peel to create the Grimoire and to help with a younger appearance.

  • Eurynome: Paired with Ophion, hangs out in Purgatory. Watches people in the shower occasionally.

  • Gaia: Secondary Mother Earth (succeeded Thesis). Shook Humanity enough to give it Shaken Baby Syndrome. Occasionally pairs with Tartarus to create sinkholes to Hell.

  • Hemera: Goddess of the Day. Paired with Aether. Helped in development of atomic energy. Worked on Manhattan Project, Tube Alloys, and Tsar Bomba. Has a pocket full of sunshine.

  • Nyx: Night goddess. Can either open a person’s mind or turn it into brain pudding. Pauses time occasionally to show off her skills.

  • Ophion: Paired with Eurynome, hangs out in Purgatory. Shy and doesn’t like strangers.

  • Ouranos: He is the ultimate high that can never be reached again.

  • Physis: Mother Nature. Pissed off. Initiated Global Warming as part of Chaos’s Failsafe.

  • Tartarus: Biomechanical appearance. Lord of his own Hell. Likes to make Glutton smoothies.

  • Thesis: Original Mother Earth, initiating Geomagnetic Reversal as part of Chaos’s Failsafe.

PROTOGENOI: NEW GODS (Djinn that have endured a Cycle)

  • Ananke: Goddess of Fate. Was stuck in Machina with Thanatos. Short-term precognitive. Always wins at Black Jack.

  • Aurora Eos: Angelic woman in Mexico. Resurrected Matthias. Maxim wanted her as centerfold.

  • Chronos: God of Time. Long-term precognitive. Warned Thanatos of Ragnarök. Terrible at Poker.

  • Eros (Armando Andronicus) (Deep Orange): Runs Egyptian Museum of Antiquity. Uroboric. Resurrects himself. Likes to leave pennies as tips.

  • Hecate (Jin, Birra-ngulu, Pachamama) (green): One of the Four. Tried to castrate the Spanish Inquisition. Occasionally hands out Darwin Awards. Elephants and pigs are the only way she goes.

  • Mephistopheles (Diabolos, Admiral Baphomet, Iblis) (red): Main antagonist in Azazel. Broke in Azazel, Eris, Belial, Vlad, and numerous others into the Djinn world the hard way. Stuck his toes in a meat grinder.

  • Narkissos, Mohammed (Baku) (blue): Doesn’t need to sleep to dream. Stinks of narcissism and hubris. Was the center of a Mai Jing’s grand explosion.

  • Nesoi: ?

  • Oceanus: ?

  • Ourea: ?

  • Phanes, Makin (male)/Medina (Female) (orange, ether): Assistant atEgyptian Museum of Antiquity. Sequential Hermaphrodite/Androgynous. Makes people horny just to fuck with them.

  • Phyche: Utilizes mentally driven abilities such as Paramnesia. I forgot the rest.

  • Pontus: Woke alongside Thalassa in 2002. Caused the Indonesia Tsunami. Rogue wave aficionado.

  • Tethys: ?

  • Thalassa: Woke alongside Pontus. Spends time in Bermuda sinking ships.

  • Thanatos (black): The People’s Villain. Bucket List is longer than the Bible. Enjoys a good kill. Swan dives into the deep abyss of the remote Pacific.


  • Aeetes, Lugus (crimson red): Current Netherworld Lord. Had sex with a Valkyrie once.

  • Azazel (Tommy) (red): Main antagonist in Azazel. Works for Oneiroi. Eris’s uncle. His pal Big Pappy takes care of business.

  • Ba’al: Netherworld Lord previous to Aeetes after Erebus. Assisting with Tartarus when influx of souls became too great for one being to handle. Hates the taste of Tartarus’s Glutton smoothies.

  • Baiame (green): Aborigine. Assisted group as they traveled through Outback. Throws boomerangs at ding-dongs dilly dallying through the desert.

  • Bret Heart: Technically not a Djinn, but is a companion of Aurora. Drug Kingpin. Not a wrestler.

  • Charon: Ferryman of Tartarus. Needs to eat. Nothing but skin and bones and boat.

  • Eshu (blue): Cyberspace guru. Assisted Eris and Belial in Poacher Hunters. Can give you a perfect credit score.

  • Gunther, Hans (dark blue): Member of Mercury Corp. German. Scientist who tried to send Jack, Deny, and Freya into Netherworld sunrise. Cousin of Arinna. Probably currently wandering Tartarus.

  • Hogni (dark blue): Member of Mercury Corp. Finnish. Also probably trying to figure out his way out of hell with Gunther. Was attached to Gunther’s hip and did everything with him.

  • Hypnos (Corbin Caduceus , Xerxes) (dark blue): Leader of Mercury Corporation. Antagonist in Poacher Hunters. Silver tongue. Could persuade a clock to clap its hands.

  • Inkarri (light green): Lord of Paititi. Ruler of Aukis. Misses olden days of Inka Empire. Routs for Spain to lose all soccer games.

  • Juniper, Arinna (red): Owner of Book Worm. Betrayed Jackie Boy and found herself in a terrible place. Probably smells like sulfur currently.

  • Mamma Ipacura (dark green mana): Inkarri had her help with Jack’s recovery from Vlad’s attack in Paititi. Makes a mean enchilada sauce.

  • Matthias Corvinus: Astral Projector. Hijacked and shared Deny’s body. Mortal enemy of Old Dirty Willie. Once impaled himself before allowing Willie to steal his body.

  • Osiren (Original Sin) (yellow): Man who torched Netherworld Atmosphere with Great Fire. Trying to be the Great Fixer. Attempting to discover secret tunnel into Machina.

  • Umvelinqangi (MV): Main protagonist in Poacher Hunters. When he rubs his feet on the carpet, he can melt a doorknob with the static electricity.

  • Váli (blue): Magi who killed the Nuckelavee. Rocky Balboa of Chthonia.

  • William (Old Dirty Willie, William D. Faust, Vlad Tepes, Lars Christophri Hornæus): Body Thief/Astral Projector. Gutted Jack like a fish and kicked him over the side of a mountain. Frequently shares body with Matthias. Attempts to use as many names as Mephistopheles.


  • Magi (baby blue): Faithful to the Old Gods. Named after Norse Gods/mythology. Speak Phoenician. They know how to throw an awesome party.

  • Machina: Ancient technological race. Torched Elysian Plains. Ether keeps them from joining the rest of the world in its self-destruction.

  • Mercury Corporation (Task Force): Tech company lead by Hypnos specializing in Scalar and Machina technology. Places Band-Aid on the boo-boo that is Ragnarök.

  • Oneiroi: Secret organization of Djinn. Falling apart at the seams. Thanatos basically said fuck it.

  • Specters: Ghost prisoners above Machina Carapace. Watch for their Great Escape, 2016!


  • Auki (light green): Imp-like monkey creatures residing within Paititi. Fling poo occasionally.

  • Cthulhu (Dag Gadols): Massive squid-like entities. Has tentacles like creatures in The Mist.

  • Erinyes: Can only be seen through the ether. From Circle 10. Tartarus’s bounty hunters.

  • Imp (orange): Humanlike bat. Chthonia/Shining residents. Smells like wet dog.

  • Nuckelavee (orange): Horse-like with translucent skin. Tastes delicious like succulent filet mignon.

  • Potamoi: Spirits that inhabit mana rivers. Get too close and they’ll dissolve your body.

  • Valkyrie (black): Robed short people. Norse Valkyrie names (In Chthonia). Inhabit Purgatory and either Reality or Netherworld simultaneously / Draug: Valkyrie free from its shell. Acts as a reverse-plumber/carpenter, destroying pipes and walls.




  • Absorption: Pulling mana from others.

  • Anaerobic Respiration: Utilize mana to supplement breathing in low oxygen environments.

  • Ascension: Induction into Djinn life.

  • Astral Projection: Separating conscious from body, but remaining tethered.

  • Direct Energy Weapon: Utilizes Scalar Energy to charge a weapon.

  • Hypostasis: Sharing and unification of mana through sex.

  • Resurgence: Accelerated self-healing.

  • Resurrection: Reversing necroptosis in living tissue, returning life force to body.

  • Uroboricism: Self-consumption initiating reincarnation.

  • -DISCERNMENT (empathic)

  • Adjudication: Mental judgment. Also known as Guilt Pheromone, Sin Sense, Sin Scent.

  • Aphrodisia: Imparting lust on others.

  • Musical Pathokinesis: Ability to affect emotions using music.

  • Paramnesia: Rearranging of thoughts into intangible mess.

  • Transcendence: Moment of oneness. Orgasm. Momentarily experience Lifestream.


  • Aerokinesis: Movement of air.

  • Electrokinesis: Generate electricity.

  • Hydrokinesis: Movement of water.

  • Plasmic: Similar to combination of Electrokinesis and Pyrokinesis.

  • Terrakinesis: Movement of earth.

  • Thermokinesis: Ability to control temperature.

  • -Calefaction: Raise temperature. / Pyrokinesis: Create fire.

  • -Glaciation: Lower temperature. / Cryokinesis: Create ice.


  • Chromacy (etheric eyesight): Adjustment to rod and cone cells within the eyes.

  • Trichromacy: Normal vision, auras may be seen faintly.

  • Tetrachromacy: Mana (or prana, or ether) becomes prominent addition.

  • Pentachromacy: Combination of two energies can be seen.

  • Hexachromacy: Mana, prana and ether are all visible.

  • Scotopic Vision: Rods in eyes grown in number.

  • Illusions: Visual stimulation that resembles images.

  • Mental Wall: keep others from accessing one’s mind through telepathy.

  • Omnilingualism (Multilanguage): Translates all Human languages as native tongue.

  • Persuasion: manipulate others’ thoughts through conversation.

  • Refraction: Changing the color of mana.

  • Technopathy: manipulate cyberspace with or without interfaces.

  • Telekinesis (Psychokinesis): Move objects by mentally exuding force.

  • Transparency (Translucence): Appearing invisible.


  • Codex Mortuorum: Unlocks seeing and manipulating Purgatory.

  • Ether Camouflage: Flash-drive sized item that blurs wearers image to digital recorders.

  • Ether Resistant Watch: Provides exact time regardless of realm, as well as tracking beacon.

  • Grimoire: Text that allows reader to unlock elemental and mental abilities.

  • Phurba: Dagger exhibiting etheric interaction.

  • Wepwawet Phurba (marbled grey): Found in Giza (Netherworld side). Transitional.

  • Dagger of Iblis (black): Found in Yemen. Informative. Showed first half of suicidal gods tale.

  • Espada de Damocles (light grey): Held by Bret Heart in Monterrey, Mexico. Transitional.

  • Blade of Supay (white): Found in ether pocket within Paititi. Informative. Showed Osiren’s release from Tartarus thanks to Mephistopheles.

  • Phurba of Altjira (dark grey): Discovered inside Uluru.

  • Prana Sac: Grape-sized collector inside Cthulhu mouth. Allows reading Codex Mortuorum.

  • Wraith: Device from Tartarus that allows direct access to Circle 10.


  • Canterbury, New Zealand: Location of Mercury Facility. Jack receives 5th Phurba there.

  • Chthonia: Fields where androgynous bodies grow from mana fog, south of Necropolis.

  • Cyberspace: Internet. Directly interferes with Etherealm.

  • Ether: Universal binding substance that divides realms, destroys electronic devices.

  • -Ether Channels: Tubules used to cross through ether, wormholes.

  • -Ether Pockets: Hidden spaces within realms or between realms.

  • Fólkvangr: Wasteland with mana fissures, north of Necropolis.

  • Mercury Center: Research facility of Scalar and Machina technologies.

  • Monterrey, Mexico: Near Bret Heart’s compound and location of 3rd Phurba.

  • Necropolis: The living space within Chthonia Sect.

  • Paititi: Hidden land in Peru mountains. Ruled by Inkarri and Aukis. Location of 4th Phurba.

  • River Place: Jack’s residence. Haunted like a mother fucker.

  • Shining: Caverns under Netherworld landscape.

  • Uluru: Also known as Dreamtime and Ayers Rock. Original hiding spot of 5th Phurba.

  • Yemen, near Aden: Location of second Phurba.


  • Dreaming: The dream world.

  • Etherealm: Space between other dimensions. Separate from Ether Pockets and Machina. Cyberspace interferes with it.

  • Lifestream (Eternal Dreaming): Equivalent of Heaven.

  • Machina (Forbidden Realm, Lost Continent): Land hidden by ether that holds Chaos hostage.

  • Netherworld (Elysian Plains, pre-Great Fire): Transitional realm, 1 day-46.5 hours. Daylight burning 22 hours.

  • Purgatory: Spectral Realm.

  • Tartarus (Hell, Jahannam, Ukhu Pacha): Basic torture amenities, 10 Circles, 10th circle is a void left by Osiren’s departure.



  • Chaos’s Failsafe: Protogenoi wake in event of global destruction.

  • Cycle: Time loop at end of Ragnarök that created the Protogenoi

  • Geomagnetic Reversal: Thesis’s punishment from being woken, reversal of poles.

  • Global Warming: Physis’s fever.

  • Great Fire: The torching of Netherworld’s atmosphere.

  • Djinn: All people who initiated transformation towards immortality, aura colors depict lineage.

  • Djinn Kin: Inducted as a Djinn through one of the Four.

  • Djinn Sickness: Negative ailments attributed to learning abilities.

  • Lucid Dreams: Conduits for multiple people to share visions.

  • Mutual Dreams: Dreams shared by more than one person.

  • Ragnarök: Global Warming/Geomagnetic Reversal. End of the world. War of Gods vs. Humanity.

  • Sterilization Plan: Global reduction and prevention of future generations. An effort to prevent Ragnarök.


  • Ether: Physical energy, lines, trails, ultraviolet spectrum.

  • Mana (aura): Energy exhibited in all living organisms, infrared spectrum.

  • Prana (Spectral Energy): Spiritual energy, residual mana, Codex Mortuorum attracts it.

  • Eloptic Generators and Buffers: Allows negating gravity in B-2.

  • Evanescent Field: Theoretical field allowing viewing into other realms.

  • Gamma Utilizing Shockwave Transmitter (GUST): One of few weapons that work on old Djinn.

  • Gravitons: Utilized by Machina for Gravity Core

  • Gravity Core: Energy source for the Machina within barrier

  • Machina Probe: Device sent out to gauge Reality, was captured and initiated technology explosion.

  • Machina Tech: All forms of technology after Machina Probe discovered.

  • Refraction: Bending of light waves to affect ether.

  • Scalar (Radiant) Energy: Ambient energy around earth created through interaction with geomagnetism.

  • Tesla Tubule: Used for mechanically traversing through realms.



  • ~8000 BC: The Great Fire. Original imprisonment of Osiren and creation of Tartarus. Appox. Date Machina was hidden within massive ether pocket.

  • ~6000 BC: Cycle 1 (Chronos, Ananke, Tethys, Oceanus).

  • ~4500 BC: Cycle 2 (Pontus, Thalassa, Ourea, Nesoi).

  • ~3000 BC: Cycle 3 (Aurora, Phanes, Eros, Psyche).

  • ~1500 BC: Cycle 4 (Thanatos, Diabolos, Hecate, Narkissos). The Four dropped from the sky.

  • ~575 BC: Corbin Caduceus ascended. Initiator is unknown.

  • ~475 BC: Xerxes (Mr. Caduceus) amassed one of the world’s greatest military forces in an effort to gain the gods’ attention.

  • ~500 AD: The Four attempt suicide. Gained attention of the Older Generation of gods. Oneiroi created.

  • -Pontus and Thalassa visit Thanatos

  • -Aether and Hemera visit Narkissos

  • -Chronos and Hypnos visit Hecate

  • -Gaia and Tartarus visit Mephistopheles

  • ~800 AD: Baiame ascended due to Hecate, formerly known as Birra-ngulu

  • ~1400 AD: Approximate age of Inkarri and Ipacura. Ascension due to Hecate’s visit to Inca Empire.

  • ~1450: Vlad Tepes and Matthias Corvinus ascended due to Mephistopheles.

  • 1675: Torsåker Witch Trials.

  • 1872: Chronos wakes, provides original Doomsday of 2000.

  • 1880: Tartarus allowed Osiren’s release from Circle 10 thanks to Mephistopheles.

  • 1895: Ba’al relinquishes Chthonia rule to Lugus Aeetes.

  • 1914-1918: WWI initiated to curtail population growth.

  • 1916: Hemera woke.

  • 1920: Old Dirty Willie initially experimented with HIV in Kinshasa, Congo

  • 1937-1945: WWII initiated to dramatically reduce world population. Hemera had active role in creation of Atomic Bombs (Manhattan Project, Tube Alloys, and Tsar Bomba)

  • 1947: Machina Probe appeared.

  • 1948: Aether assists in sending Ananke and Thanatos into Machina.

  • 1950: Hemera returned to Lifestream.

  • 1980s: Old Dirty Willie accelerates worldwide HIV infections.

  • 1981: Gaia wakes.

  • 1982: Gaia causes El Chichón volcanic explosion.

  • 1985: Matthias initially lost his body to Vlad and spent rest of time in Purgatory.

  • 1997: Ananke and Thanatos released from Machina with Gaia’s help.

  • 2000: Chronos’s original Doomsday, reset to 2050.

  • 2002: Pontus and Thalassa wake.

  • 2004: Indonesia Tsunami caused by Pontus, Thalassa, and Gaia working together.

  • 2012: Hemera woke again. Coronal Mass Ejection caused by Hemera nearly destroyed worldwide technology.

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