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The Super Massive Djinn Universe

It's Ridiculously fast:

A super massive black hole can spit out objects at 20 million mph. It will eat planets or other stars, then eject something in a random direction. And the science community isn't even sure how many black holes there are even in our galaxy. It's highly unlikely that we would ever get hit by one of these objects, but we've seen a bunch of unbelievable crap happen lately.

Image is public domain, courtesy of Nasa

Then again, at 20 million mph, we probably wouldn't even see it until after it passed us. At that speed, it would be 26,000 times faster than the speed of sound (767 mph), but the speed of light still has it (671 million mph). Astronomers continually find new discoveries every day in our universe, in our galaxy, and most importantly in our solar system.

There's a whole bunch of tiny ones:

There are about 150 dwarf planets in the Kuiper Belt which extends just beyond Neptune's orbit of the sun. That's the reason Pluto was demoted from planet status. They found a larger object out there, which they named Eris (The Greek Goddess of Chaos, which I used this name in a couple of my novels). Although it was extremely unpopular to demote Pluto, could you imagine if they had to include every other object discovered out there? Kids would have a hell of a time trying to remember that list! And could you imagine what a poster board would look like?

It is incredible what is being discovered everyday. Science fiction and science fact are running side by side at this point. From blasts of unimaginable energy and mass traveling as obscene speeds, to the objects dotting the skies on a relatively nearby on a cosmic scale. Who knows, we might be onto actually discovering a wormhole that could take us to one of these black holes spitting crap out the other end, or find planets orbiting them just like in Interstellar with 1000 foot waves caused by gravitational bulge.

The Theory of String:

What gets me though isn't what they find out in the expanse, but what they say lies underneath. Theoretically, multiple universes could lie just beyond our reach. Think of how Cyberspace works. We can't see all that information, but we know it's there because we can read it on our screens. It's all around us, it was just beyond our reach only a few years ago. So parallel dimensions are on the realm of possibility of what science deems fact. I have a very thin grasp of what is going on in String Theory, but from what I understand, they are playing with the concept of having 10 to 26 dimensions, where our physical space takes up 3 dimensions and time is another.

Not only is space expanding in all directions at a rate that we have a hard time putting to scale, but there may be parallel dimensions of this unimaginably huge space. And not to mention what happens when you go into the microscopic level. Things get just as complex going smaller as they do going larger. When I start thinking about it, my mind has a hard time trying to understand it all. I suppose that's how it's supposed to be. A constant stream of mystery. That's where everything is interesting. I still get excited every time I find out what we were lead to believe is actually truth. And with the Hubble Space Telescope taking pictures that we couldn't even have imagined before its launch in 1990.

My Djinn Theory:

Since I'm a fiction author, I can take a few leaps into the unknown. I believe that Cyberspace is a navigable space within this string theory. I like to think that these extra dimensions are outside of our ability to view them because we are not meant to yet. I also think that as long as our world remains free of tyranny, and science is allowed to continue its quest, we will discover so many new things that we couldn't even have imagined previously. Perhaps those gateways to Heaven and Hell are only a stone's throw away. Perhaps those Hoverboards promised to us by Back to the Future are really in that parallel dimension.

Or perhaps there are cosmic beings waiting for us to discover how to contact them. Maybe they are setting up more barriers to keeps Humanity away from them. After all, looking at us from the outside, I wouldn't want to come anywhere near us. Isn't fiction fun! And isn't it even funner to think that we are on the cusp of discovering any one of these fictional things at any time. I just hope that Hell isn't the dimension we discover next. I suppose we could only guess what's beyond the Event Horizon.

***Image is public domain, courtesy of NASA, Black Holes


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